Democratizing environmental knowledge

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During last week's 'Rhino User Meeting,' we had a great opportunity to demonstrate how we utilize technology in our everyday designs. Our computation designer, Alejandro Fuentes Arias, illustrated how we incorporate prediction models, data-driven design, automation, and brute force algorithms -computations solved by systematically checking all possible solutions,- to ensure that our client's objectives are met.

"We believe that incorporating building analytics into a project's development is essential for achieving eco-friendly and impactful design solutions. Besides utilization, it's important to foster a proactive approach to sharing knowledge. That's why everything we use at KCAP is open source. It is parallel to our commitment to sustainability and creating inclusive urban conditions; open cities that successfully accommodate change and difference."

During the event, we had the opportunity to listen to some very interesting presentations from Sweco, Herzog & de Meuron, UNStudio, Studio RAP, Arup, Royal HaskoningDHV, and Spatiomatics. Witnessing exciting advancements in Rhino tech and new technology that will shape the next generation of designs and data-driven approaches.

We would like to extend our thanks to Packhunt and McNeel Europe for hosting the event. 

Photography by Packhunt