Green light for New Istropolis investment activities

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Investment activities for New Istropolis have gotten the green light from the Magistrate of Bratislava. This binding approval is an important milestone in the process of receiving all the necessary permits. The technical infrastructure and transport solutions, as well as the actual buildings for housing, work and a cultural and social hall of the project's first phase are approved.

Together with CITYFÖRSTER, we transform the Trnavské mýto area of Bratislava by combining culture, sustainability, and technology to create a vibrant and inspiring urban space. New Istropolis is conceived as a seamless extension, a showcase for a future-oriented city. The plan fosters the concept of a mixed-use, car-free, green creative quarter with particular attention to pedestrians and cyclists. Zooming in on the buildings of the New Istropolis, we focus on delivering energy-efficient solutions and high-quality, generous space for work and living.
We appreciate the official support in preserving the area's cultural and social function which is an integral part of the project. Developer Immocap plans to start construction in the second half of 2024. 

Renders: Pictury Archviz, Play-Time Barcelona