How to develop successful neighbourhoods?

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The pressure on the housing market in Berlin is increasing, emphasizing the need for transformation. Berlin is building 16 new neighbourhoods – but how should they be planned? To address this issue, the BDA (Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten) is hosting several public discussions.

Our partner, Prof. Ute Schneider, was invited to discuss the strategies needed for developing new neighbourhoods with Prof. Petra Kahlfeldt, building director of the Berlin senate. During the talk, Ute shared her experiences with our work in Europaallee in Zurich and Seestadt Aspern. These developments required a careful balance of urban, social, ecological, and building cultures and Ute discussed the instruments and processes necessary to meet the high urban standards. Highlighting the importance of developing well-thought-out processes that are tailored to individual projects to achieve desired qualities in urban development.

The discussion with Prof. Petra Kahlfeldt was a great opportunity to gain insights into the tools and techniques used to create sustainable and vibrant communities.

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Photography: Rainer Gollmer