Dutch King and Queen Attend 'The Future is Now', in Slovakia

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During the state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to Slovakia, KCAP, Cityförster and developer Immocap signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The signing took place at the Business Forum 'The Future is Now' for Dutch and Slovak entrepreneurs that the royal couple attended together with the Slovakian President Čaputová. Circularity and sustainability are key aspects in our projects and we made a public commitment to implementing these values within our New Istropolis project.

'We are very happy that we are raising ambitions of this project and can help to make it a future proof investment. Since we started the project, three years ago, legislation and especially awareness for climate change and sustainable development have risen significantly and we expect and hope that to continue. We are happy that our expertise in this topic is valued and we can support Immocap in maintaining their edge in this area', said Martin Sobota, partner at Cityförster.

In the Memorandum of Understanding, KCAP, Cityförster and Immocap strive to implement the following into Bratislava´s future iconic project:

  • The use of sustainable materials and circular economy principles
  • Water conservation and management
  • Developing complex energy efficiency systems ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment
  • Using smart solutions ensuring a cost-effective value on energy
  • Striving for carbon neutrality
  • Collaborate to develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly modular constructions
  • Promote an increase in use of greenery for interior and exterior spaces

Jeroen Dirckx, partner at KCAP, explains: 'The plan fosters the concept of a mixed-use, car-free, green creative quarter with particular attention to pedestrians and cyclists, including bike storage. Zooming in on the buildings of the New Istropolis project, we focus on delivering energy-efficient solutions and high-quality, generous space for work and living'. Furthermore, extensive green roofs collect rain water and provide new habitats for local species. Integrated shading elements help keep buildings naturally cool in the summer months. The circular use of materials, such as the marble facade of the existing Istropolis hall and timber paneling, makes for a more sustainable building and has a materiality rooted in its location.

New Istropolis is conceived as a seamless extension of the city, a showcase for a future-oriented Bratislava, combining culture, sustainability, and technology in a vibrant and inspiring urban space.

Photography: Victor Cicko, Matthew Lago Renders: Pictury Archviz