KCAP Associate Partner Ya-Hsin Lectures in Shanghai

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KCAP associate partner Ya-Hsin Chen was a speaker at the 'Sino-Dutch Creative Forum on Urban Regeneration & Design Trends'. Chen talked about resilient masterplans for innovative urban transformations. Young Chinese citizens, especially members of generation Z, are a crucial group of consumers. Making up about 15 per cent of the population, their different consumption habits combined with society’s technological advancements stimulate wholly new approaches and explorations of urban design. Operating in both architecture and landscape, Chen's experience and expertise on sustainable development is well-suited to create new urban and natural environments. 'Facing the future, as urban planners we are defined and influenced by design. KCAP’s integral approach, implemented in various global projects, proves that urban and water-related challenges can be combined in an innovative and inclusive way. We carefully balance urban development and ecosystems restoration to enhance an urban and natural symbiosis, especially in China.'

At the forefront of these important developments, OBJEKT magazine organizes a series of hybrid talks. The first, together with the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai, was in the metropolis of Shanghai.

Watch the livestream of the event (in Chinese)

Photography: OBJEKT magazine