Tour for Swiss research team in Amsterdam by KCAP

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On 7 November, our partners Edward Schuurmans and Irma van Oort toured the Innosuisse research project team for "Low Tech High Rise" in Amsterdam. Visiting different trend-setting, high-rise buildings, modular buildings and sustainable neighbourhoods in the city while discussing strategies for building with a low-tech approach. Customization, layered facades, high-density housing and social sustainability were some of the topics discussed during the different excursions.

The Grid, The Twins and GWL-Terrein were among the KCAP projects to be visited. The Grid, located in Overhoeks, a former industrial site that is transforming into a diverse district for living and working, sparked discussions on affordable housing. Ecological sustainability and neighbourhood communities came up when visiting GWL-Terrein, an environmentally friendly and car-free residential area on the former site of the municipal drinking-water company (GWL) in Amsterdam. 

At the HSLU, a team of researchers and practitioners is working on a high-rise typology. The idea is that it will enable affordable housing through low-tech construction, appropriate use of technology and efficient space layouts, while contributing to high-quality internal densification. The project team also participated in a workshop in September together with partner Xavier Blaringhem and Edward in Zurich on the further development of strategies and elements for a high-rise building with affordable living space.

You can find more about the research department and the project at HSLU on their website.

Photography: Christian Lars Schuchert