Important milestone for HS Kwartier!

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Last week, The Hague municipality council approved the development vision, which means a green light for developing the Laakhavens area. The development vision was made together with residents, entrepreneurs, developers, nature associations and businesses.

Part of Laakhavens is the HS Kwartier, including the Hollands Spoor (HS) Station, where we developed the masterplan for a mixed-use program with housing, offices, cafés and restaurants, commercial functions and retail, education and culture. Within this area, we also work on two landmark projects: Escher Gardens and Stationspostgebouw. The multipurpose project Escher Gardens consists of two towers and an urban layer next to the HS Station. Built with timber constructions, it’s an example of sustainable densification and nurturing connections by offering a smart living concept, combined with offices, hospitality and shared mobility features. The recently delivered Stationspostgebouw serves as the headquarter for PostNL, which has been restored and modernized with respect to the original iconic architecture of the building.
If you want to see how the entire area is changing, be sure to visit the scale model which is going to be exhibited in the city hall from 19 December to 19 January.

Visualisation: PLAY-TIME Barcelona