KCAP Present Transformation of Sibeliuspark, in Oss

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Earlier this week KCAP associate partner Pieter Theuws shared our plans for the Sibeliuspark in Oss, the Netherlands. Over 150 local residents came to hear and provide input about the transformation. The current park will be converted into an inviting, lively and more diverse city park Inspired by the local landscape, we introduce wetland zones, wildflower meadows and a bee landscape to attract all kinds of insects, offering new opportunities to strengthen the city's biodiversity. Including a forested area with over 400 new fruit and seed-bearing trees, carefully aligned to suit local species. Sibeliuspark will also offer room for a skate, pump and calisthenics park, an initiative by the Urban Ox Park foundation. The project is in development for the consortium Park & People (Heijmans Vastgoed, Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling) and Gemeente Oss.

Photography: Ronald Goudberg