Strategic Masterplan for Keflavík Airport Area continues stakeholder engagements!

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The multidisciplinary team came together to present the progress in a series of workshops with local stakeholders, discussing the opportunities of the specific programs, spatial layouts, landscaping and mobility solutions. The masterplan seeks to transform key locations in the airport area into a showcase, responding to Iceland’s ambitious economic and sustainability visions.

Having delivered the key strategies before summer, the next steps will focus on elaborating the economic plan and coordinated spatial design, setting the path for a long-term sustainable and social development. The current phase of the masterplan is expected to be completed and presented to our client Kadeco and local partners by the end of the year. Find the project below on our website, if you want to learn more about our integrated vision for the Reykjanes peninsular. 

The team led by KCAP includes WSP, Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners, MIC-HUB, VSO Consulting / VSÓ Ráðgjöf, Buck Consultants International, Buro Happold, Base Design, Maurits Schaafsma and Kanon Arkitektar.