Visualizing Knoop XL, Eindhoven

Knoop XL is a large development surrounding the central station area of Eindhoven undergoing a metamorphosis. The municipality of Eindhoven wants to create a highly liveable and sustainable city district.

The largest part of the development area, named ‘Fellenoord’, lies to the north of the station. For this part, KCAP wrote the development vision, with the ambition to create a climate-proof and innovative city district. The vision marks dense, mixed-use urban area’s offering a network of high-quality public spaces and small mobility routes. The development on the south side is well on its way. It consists of three parts: District E, Stationsplein and Lichthoven. It is expected to be largely developed in the next five years.

Curious how the future-proof districts will look? KCAP developed VR models with preliminary impressions for both sides: VR Model Knoop XL – Northside  |  VR Model Knoop XL – Southside