KCAP signs the intention declaration 'Nature Inclusive Building'

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KCAP signs the intention declaration by the Dutch Building Council to urge the new Dutch government to make 'Nature Inclusive Building' mandatory through new legislation. In addition to major sustainability challenges like the energy transition, resilience to climate change and the reduction of CO2 production, we ask the new government to promote green and healthy living environments that protect and strengthen local ecosystems and increase biodiversity. As the Netherlands is expected to build 1 million new houses before 2030 there is an opportunity and urgency to make these nature inclusive.

The principles of 'Nature Inclusive Building' are key to our design approach. Check out the selection of projects below to learn more about how we integrate it into our practice.
| Innercity living with a biodiverse landscape and collective roof gardens in ’Link’ in Oss
| Residential ensemble with green façades and courtyard ‘The Twins’ in Amsterdam
| Climate-proof living with green facades in a landscape setting ‘Waalhoven’ in Nijmegen
| More space for biodiversity in the public space and on the green roofs of 'HS Kwartier'
| Biodiverse collective roof garden on ‘The Gustav’ in Amsterdam
You can sign the petition here. Learn in this video from initiators NL Greenlabel and Ballast Nedam Development why (NL).