KCAP's Zuiderzicht Nominated for ArchDaily’s 'Building of the Year'

//www.kcap.eu/media/uploads/1416_Zuiderzicht_ArchDaily_BuildingOfTheYear_KCAP_(c)Stijn Bollaerd_HR.jpg

This nearly  22.000 m2 building consists of five layers at its base, including a hotel with 108 rooms, on top a 25-storey tower with 134 dwellings and below parking on two underground levels. Plinth and tower form one coherent building volume. The architectural concept for Zuiderzicht is characterised by a wide variety of housing types for different user groups: young families, seniors, co-housers, singles, and working couples. The apartments are compact and efficiently organised around a central core, designed with flexible floor plan layouts and constructed with a load bearing facade. This flexibility allows for combining units to create larger residences and for adapting to changing needs in the future.

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