Hybrid building 'Oase Oerlikon' combines care and residential functions

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We are proud of our competition entry 'Oase Oerlikon', a hybrid building block in Zurich’s district Oerlikon that combines care and residential functions for the elderly. The compact courtyard with care units and residences rests on an inviting semipublic plinth. The rooftop offers a garden and pavilions for communal use. These three distinct parts are clearly readable in the volume’s vertical structure.

As a response to the rather harsh urban surroundings, Oase Oerlikon offers a sequence of open spaces through the building. The ‘village square’ on ground floor expands upwards into a residential courtyard and is completed with the rooftop gardens, subtly inviting social interaction between different residents and visitors. Two double-height loggias on the second floor serve as an extension of the courtyard while oversized corridors with loggias on the upper floors further accommodate neighborhood activities. The combination of timber and concrete construction results in an expressive and sustainable building. It combines architectural and structural aspects with an abundance of timber in the interior, adding to a soft and warm residential character of the building.

The concept offering various degrees of collectiveness, a rich variety of open spaces and high quality of materials makes Oase Oerlikon an urban oasis in close dialogue with its surroundings. Unfortunately, we didn't win the competition but we would like to congratulate Pool Architekten on their first prize and our own team for this great design.

Visualization by Filippo Bolognese