Shenzhen’s East Coast is nearing the next step of completion

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East Dike, our redevelopment of Dapeng’s coastline is nearing the next step of completion. Three water smart landscapes at Changhu, Yangmeikeng Lagoon and Pengcheng are all but finished and will be officially opened October 1st.

KCAP+FELIXX developed the ‘Triple dike strategy’, a multifaceted dike system that allows for an integrated approach towards the climate adaptive reorganization of the shoreline. Water safety strategies are connected to eco-development and nature restoration and create a resilient framework of different landscapes that make smart connections between the mountains and the sea.

Dapeng’s cultural resources and natural settings have fostered the development of tourism, within a vast expending metropolitan area with about 20 million inhabitants. The application of the triple-dike provides a framework to enhance these existing qualities while unlocking potentials for growth.

The Changhu, Yangmeikeng and Pengcheng villages all originate from fishing communities. To minimize the infrastructural impact, connectivity from the water is enhanced. Our research, design and engineering of the interconnected mountain and marine landscapes boost the local ecological functioning. This strengthens the environmental resilience of the villages and helps these communities to live, work and grow with (rising) water, instead of fighting against it.