Book about Europaallee - Europaallee: Gemisch, Gefüge, 76 Ginkgos

// Gemisch, Gefüge, 76 Ginkgos Europaallee Zürich, Park Books, Zürich 2021; Foto © Corina Flühmann.jpg
Europaallee, based on KCAP's urban design work, is a new district right next to Zurich's central railway station. All started in 2003 thanks to Swiss railway operator SBB who regularly develops near railway stations, as places being close to the centre to stop urban sprawl thanks to densification.

The construction works in Europaallee officially finished in 2020; several weeks ago the new pedestrian bridge Negrellisteg opened to the public. Now we celebrate the launch of the book "Europaallee: Gemisch, Gefüge, 76 Ginkgos"(Europaallee: Mixture, Structure, 76 Ginkgos), edited by Park Books.

The publication illuminates the genesis of the recent city quarter. As Kees Christiaanse, founder of KCAP, explains in the dedicated chapter, talking with SBB chief project leader Andreas Steiger: "Urban design in the case of Europaallee is not based on a predefined programme with fixed positions, but on the recognition that functions in a neighbourhood change over time." The book describes the development and the completed work of Europaallee. Text contributions by experts from various disciplines, newly taken photographs and new plans drawn exclusively for the book combine to form a history of the creation of the new station precinct in the city of Zurich.

Architects involved: Max Dudler Architects, Stücheli Architects, Gigon/Guyer, David Chipperfield Architects, Wiel Arets Architects, Caruso St John Architects, Bosshard Vaquer Architects, Boltshauser Architects, Graber Pulver Architects, Masswerk Architects, E2A Architects, Basler & Hofmann.

Credits: "Gemisch, Gefüge, 76 Ginkgos: Europaallee Zürich", Park Books, Zürich 2021; photo by Corina Flühmann