A livable future for Hamburg


'Magistralen’ is this year’s theme of the International Bauforum 2019 Hamburg. Magistralen is the German word for arterial corridors. In this case the seven largest arterial corridors of the city. During the Bauform, KCAP participates in workshops as part of an international group of architects, urban planners and students. They join forces to find solutions for reconnecting the arterial roads with new uses in the field of traffic and urban development. Finding solutions is vital to Hamburg to keep the city accessible and livable in the future. Designing well connected open cities is, after all, one of KCAP’s key elements. During the workshop-like meetings various combinations of starting points and rules are tested to see how different urban structures, programmes, densities and growth forecasts would react to various interventions regarding infrastructural and mobility. The results provide a wealth of information for the development of concrete spatial designs.

KCAP holds a strong relationship with the city of Hamburg which started with the development of HafenCity. The multidisciplinary approach of the masterplan for the harbour area, which was developed in cooperation with ASTOC, translates smart interventions and technological solutions into a comprehensive holistic approach. Instead of a sum of isolated interventions, the master plan facilitates cross-fertilization between infrastructure and mobility, resilient and sustainable planning, flood protection, identity, ecology and biodiversity. An adaptive planning approach that has proven itself fruitful in many cases and is highly applicable for the development potential of the Magistralen as well.