KCAP meet-up in Zurich


We would like to share with you our convivial aftermovie of our KCAP meet-up in Zurich. All KCAP staff of Rotterdam, Zurich and Shanghai met for a thrilling weekend with visits to a number of inspiring projects and lots of team activities. We enjoyed getting together with all colleagues, biking through hilly Zurich and also the swimming in Zurich’s river Limmat. Take a look!

During the two day excursion we visted Europaallee (KCAP), Kalkbreite (Müller Sigrist Architekten), Mehr als Wohnen (Duplex Architekten and Futurafrosch), Aeschbachquartier in Aarauand Science City Zurich (both KCAP) and enjoyed a live view of KCAP’s Swiss projects and learned a lot about area development and innovative housing concepts in Switzerland.


The masterplan of the Europaallee provides for a morphology and block structure that connect the surrounding city and the area in a natural way. The flexible plan transforms the station area into a layered and dynamic urban node where traffic flows converge and functions such as living, working, shopping and entertainment co-exist.

Kalkbreite and Mehr als Wohnen

Kalkbreite is a flexible and modular space allocation plan for residential and commercial spaces on top of a tram remise. The Mehr als Wohnen residential area comprises apartments, shops, restaurants, work and artist studios, children’s day care and even guesthouses.


The Aeschbachquartier is centrally located in the vicinity of the Aarau station, a city between Zurich and Bern. Here, a mixed living and working quarter has been created on a former industrial site. KCAP was also responsible for the design of the transformation of the industrial Aeschbachhalle into a vibrant event hall with apartments, offices, conference rooms and restaurants. The existing structure was maintained to preserve the industrial character of the building.

Science City

Science City is the development vision for the university campus of ETH Zurich. The campus is required to act as an interface between scholarship and society, to offer a place for business, economics, politics and scholarship to interact. Besides new research and teaching buildings, you find housing for students and staff, accommodation for guests, sports facilities, child-care facilities, shops and food outlets.