KCAP at exhibition 'Sea Change: Flood Resilient Architecture for the 21st Century', London

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The overwhelming challenge of our time is to build cities that protect the earth’s resources and habitats through sustainable and climate adaptive planning. KCAP takes on this challenge and has developed a holistic and futureproof design approach that combines flood protection with broad urban agendas.


In the exhibition ‘Sea Change: Flood Resilient Architecture of the 21st Century’, two of our flood resilient plans are on display. The exhibition showcases work of architects that are leading the way in making our built environment better equipped to adapt to the growing climate reality of urban flooding.

HafenCity, Hamburg

Since HafenCity is located in the flood zone of the Elbe, there was a need for the development of an innovative concept for the integration of sustainable and climate adaptive planning. The urban plan, developed in cooperation with ASTOC, integrated concepts for flood prevention in a right from the start. The multidisciplinary approach translates intelligent interventions and technological solution into a comprehensive holistic plan.

East Dike, Shenzhen

KCAP + FELIXX developed a triple dike strategy to restore the coastline and raise protection standards against the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events. This multifaceted dike system allows for an integrated approach towards the climate adaptive reorganization of the shore. The adaptive design offers a framework for the entire coastline area to evolve into a multifunctional zone with potential for social and economic growth.

Next to our projects HafenCity Hamburg and East Dike Shenzhen, more architects' work on the topic of flood resilient architecture will be exhibited. The exhibition will be on show from February 1st until May 16th at Roca London Gallery.