KCAP selected for development of a vision for the Nuova Lugano Masterplan


KCAP teamed up with a group of experts –Architetti Tibiletti Associati (ATA) & Claudio Ferrata, mavo, Studio Habitat, ARUP, IBV, CBM, Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini, AIDEC - to develop a vision of the coordinated Municipal Master Plan (PDCOM) for the City of Lugano in Ticino, Switzerland. Our team has passed the selection for the competitive dialogue.

Lugano is facing the challenges posed by the changed socio-economic, institutional, and territorial framework and has decided to equip itself with three programmatic governance instruments: the Lines of Development over a ten-year horizon, the Financial Plan, and a single, coordinated Municipal Master Plan (PDcom), with shared objectives and guidelines that take into account the characteristics of each district. The PDcom will be a strategic, concrete, dynamic, and communicative tool that will be the base for harmonizing the Regulatory Plans of the individual districts. It will make it possible to outline the territory's development with a concept aimed at defining the City's territorial and urban design for the next 20 years.

In November 2019, the City published a public call for applications according to the Parallel Study Mandates (MSP) procedure to select three interdisciplinary teams to propose a vision of PDcom worthy of development through the following mandate.

In September 2020, ratifying the decision of the board of experts, the City Council assigned the three groups, KCAP Architects & Planners, Studio Paola Viganò, Consorzio Pensare Lugano, the task of developing a vision of the Municipal Master Plan. The team lead by KCAP looked especially into the City's positioning and image at the various scales - international, national, cantonal, regional - Territorial Capital - to verify the territorial implications and identify the most appropriate strategies and measures to provide Lugano with a future-proof framework.

Following the City Council, the three selected groups best respond to the expectations and needs of the City. The teams showed their attention to such a long-term project's main issues, the engagement with the citizens, and they combine the balance between local and international components of the groups.

In the first stage meant to lay the foundations for the second stage to define the unitary Master Plan, the population has been involved through an electronic survey. A wide-ranging information and communication session will follow at the end of the Parallel Study Mandates, when the multidisciplinary team lead by KCAP and the other two teams will present their vision for the Nuova Lugano Masterplan.