The Twins top out in Overhoeks Amsterdam

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KCAP is happy to share the video made by client OCO (Ontwikkelcombinatie Overhoeks, Amvest) of the topping-out ceremony of The Twins. The residential ensemble is part of Overhoeks, an area on the IJ river banks in Amsterdam North that is being transformed into a place for living and working.

The Twins consists of two buildings around a shared courtyard and offers 149 residences with large outdoor spaces and commercial areas.

The most striking aspect of the design is the green inner garden. Splitting the two buildings from bottom to top and with a stepped stacking of the volumes a terraced landscape embracing the valley-like green space in the middle is created.

The optimal orientation of the stacked outdoor areas guarantees good sunlighting and at the same time ensures privacy. Vertical green walls form an essential element in the exterior appearance and contribute to a green oasis atmosphere. Furthermore, they encourage residents to extend the green space further to strengthen the idea of a lush valley - the best way to bring more green to the city.Besides The Twins, KCAP also designs ‘The Grid’ in the Overhoeks development, also under construction.