KCAP shortlisted for dike and shoreline improvement, Qiantang River, Hangzhou

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Together with Lay-Out Planning Consultant and Power China Huadong Engineering, KCAP has been selected as one of the five shortlisted teams in the international competition for the Upgrading and Reconstruction Planning of Qiantang Dyke and Shoreline in Hangzhou, China.

Hangzhou, the Zhejiang Province's capital in the east-southern part of China, is situated downstream of the Qiantang River at the Hangzhou Bay. The Qiantang River is the "mother river" that witnessed the changes over thousand years in Hangzhou, from a traditional and prosperous Chinese waterfront city ("jiangnan") to become the hometown of Alibaba, one of the most innovative cities in the world. Together with the rivers Ganges and Amazon, Qiantang is also one of the world's three major tidal rivers with unique hydrological characteristics.  

Hangzhou's urban development strategy has changed over time and is now looking into the Qiantang River as the core public and innovation spine for the metropole's future development. The project is carried out by Hangzhou's government to collect inspirations to upgrade Qiantang River's dyke and shoreline to achieve a worldwide outstanding waterfront. All with careful consideration of its safety, ecology, openness, vitality, charm, and smart value in mind.

Based on the Dutch DNA regarding water management and the successful practice of East Dike resilient triple dike system design in Shenzhen, our multidisciplinary team is honoured and excited to be involved in this task to reshape the future of the Qiantang River and Hangzhou. The conceptual design stage will be completed in May 2021 - fingers crossed!

Images: Bizhizu, Hangzhou Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, Zhongqi Kong