Two KCAP projects published in Yearbook 2020 Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

We are delighted and proud to be present in the Yearbook 2020 Landscape Architecture and Urban Design in The Netherlands. KCAP has been selected by an independent committee of professionals to be represented with two projects in this volume that shows the best and most beautiful Dutch projects of 2020 and showcasing also international projects by Dutch designers.

The first one is the development vision Fellenoord in Eindhoven where we are working on a strategic transport-oriented urban redevelopment of the central station area. The urban transformation, called 'Internationale Knoop XL', is based on a multifaceted approach to transforming Fellenoord from a monofunctional, mostly undeveloped area into a lively, mixed, and dense urban district that connects the city centre to other urban clusters and hubs of the wider region. The landscape is a unique feature of the design; greening the area crossed by the river Dommel and introducing new green/blue structures strengthens local identity and enhances the station area's overall quality and attractiveness. Our concept helps to solve urban complexity, as you can read in the Yearbook comment: "With a well-thought-out plan KCAP brings order to a complicated part of Eindhoven. Key to success: a park along the waterfront of the river Dommel". Even if not built in The Netherlands, the huge coastal intervention for East Dike Shenzhen designed together with Felixx Landscape Architects, has gained our team a place in the Yearbook.The committee was fond of "the Dutch approach of proposing a triple dike prevents floods on a Chinese peninsula, that strengthens nature and responds to the needs of the population." KCAP + Felixx developed a multifaceted dike system that allows for an integrated approach towards the climate adaptive reorganization of the shore. The triple dike moves away from a generic protection wall along the coast towards the creation of three development zones where water safety strategies are connected to eco-development and nature restoration. The intervention is carefully embedded in current conditions and responds to every single area's specific future needs.

The Yearbook 2020. Landscape Architecture and Urban Design in The Netherlands, created by editors of Blauwe Kamer magazine, is presented on December 18th as an online event highlighting three of the published projects, among which Fellenoord Eindhoven. Kees Christiaanse, the founder of KCAP, will participate in the event, talking about the Fellennord development vision as a  project that exposes the city's 'machinery'. Not only to handle current issues such as climate adaptation, mobility, and energy transition but also to create better visions for the municipalities to make better decisions. The book can be ordered via: