KCAP selected for Luxembourg in Transition

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KCAP with Philippe Cabane and Arup is one of the ten multidisciplinary teams selected to participate in the first phase of the project Luxembourg in Transition to deliver ecological transition scenarios for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its cross-border area.

Luxembourg in Transition aims to bring together a small number of multidisciplinary teams to take part in a three-stage process that offers spatial visions for the zero-carbon and resilient future of the Luxembourg functional area to be translated into concrete flagship projects. The teams selected at each stage are invited to develop visionary and effective tools, methods, and devices through intense interdisciplinary work with the Luxembourg functional region as a case study and primary object.

The proposal by the team KCAP, Philippe Cabane, and Arup is called "Growing beyond borders & closing the loop". It is an adaptive spatial vision that enables inclusive growth beyond borders, based on the team's expertise: KCAP with its long term experience in urban and spatial planning in different cultural contexts and ambition to work across borders, Philippe Cabane, Urbane Strategien with his particular knowledge of cross-border developments and Arup, with the specific expertise developed.

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The Transformation Framework envisioned by our team for Luxembourg in Transition will observe the main socio-demographic, environmental, economic, and cultural trends in the territory and beyond and identify alternative future development scenarios based on identifying opportunities for action. The proposal offers an empirical attitude and will proceed with incremental transformations, well aware of the complexity of territorial socio-economic systems and the reduced predictability of events. The country's specific role as one leading European player inserted in a cross-border situation enables us to develop a strategy and environmental framework to be an exemplar for pushing decarbonisation at a territorial level and become a powerful symbol of change. 

On Wednesday, 4 November, the team presented  "Growing beyond borders & closing the loop" during the online introduction seminar. The next stage is about demonstrating that the selected teams “understand and can accurately apply a transition metric, specifically quantitative data and objectives designed to achieve two simultaneous goals: a low-carbon and decarbonising society that is also resilient to the impacts of climate change.”