Zuiderzicht Antwerp [BE]

Zuiderzicht is a residential tower with integrated hotel and shared functions. It is part of the development of ‘Antwerpen Nieuw Zuid’, which is a new residential area next to the Scheldt in the Southern parts of Antwerp.

The masterplan of this new quarter was designed by Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò. With its exceptional location, next to the park of this new residential area, the tower of 80 meters in height rises as a new icon of Antwerp South.

The 21.082 m2 building consists of five layers at its base and a 26 storey tower. The ensemble is characterized by a large diversity of residential typologies: young families, seniors, singles and working couples.

Given the particular location of the tower facing the park, a large number of residential units are located at ground level. The facades provide space to individual interpretations. Shared, green gardens for the residents will be created in the receding facade planes. The base has a double height passage, lobbies for the dwellings, the hotel and an active residential program which is accessible from ground level.

The concept interprets the qualities of the typical Belgian house. The apartments are compact, efficiently organized and surrounded by a flexible structure, which is designed as a double height grid. Within this structure a variety of outdoor spaces is created. The upper floors have a diversity of conservatories, single and double height open balconies. The ground floor duplexes have green gardens. On the set-backs of the tower large private terraces are created.

The constructive structure of the tower with a central core offers maximum flexibility for the distribution of the various typologies, the number of units per floor and allows for future adjustments at a later stage.


Client Triple Living NV, Antwerp
Program 21.082 m2 sustainable housing tower with 141 apartments including 3.046 m2 hotel, 515 m2 shared functions and 5.360 m2 basement with a two layer underground parking garage with 125 parking spaces

Time 2014 - 2020
Role Architect in cooperation with evr-Architecten, Ghent
Participating parties Bureau Bouwtechniek (cost advisors and site supervision), Establis (stability), CES (EPB, technology), Interbuild (contractor)