ZOwonen headquarters Sittard [NL]

The new headquarters for ZOwonen housing corporation in Sittard replaces several of the corporation’s branch offices in one central building. It is the first of five buildings with a total of 24.000 m2 to be realized in different phases. The building reaches a GreenCalc+ label A score.

The new building consists of 3.200 m2 office space on 3 storeys. The open floors are designed as flexible work environment and offer as well individual as grouped work spaces, meeting and lounge areas and closed  meeting rooms separated by glass walls. Two voids in the widest part of the building let daylight penetrate deep into the building and create next to visual connections extra communication possibilities between the different office floors.

An important starting point of the design was the concept of sustainability and the effective use of daylight. To achieve not only magnificent views to the outside but also provide for higher daylight efficiency and less contrast on the work spaces the façade is designed with horizontal panoramic windows. They adapt in height to the specific orientation towards the sun and react to visual factors in the surrounding.

With the architectural concept not only an attractive work environment for the employees of ZOwonen was achieved. Additionally, the housing corporation is now able to present itself open, transparent and communicative to their clients.


Client LSI Project Investment N.V., Rotterdam
Program Office building of 3.200 m2 
Time 2007 - 2012
Role Architect, urban planner (office cluster part A)
Participating parties AOS Studley Nederland Rotterdam (interior)