Zarechye Housing Moscow Region [RU]

The site is part of a larger qualitative environment near to the west site of Moscow ring road with prestigious institutes such as Moscow School of Mangement Sklokovo, Skolkovo campus. As such the site as part of a larger extensive landscape of forest, green and recreational areas and patches of qualitative new developments. We envision a new residential environment that both compelling and innovative as well as contributing to the wider development of the city campus. A high quality, well facilitated residential environment, which encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. Living along a forest. A wide-open forest creates a luxurious setting for a linear residential project. The forest will provide a natural point of orientation for this exclusive development. A sequence of seven building groups line op along the road and all open up, embrace and face the forest. Each group consist of a 3 or 4 different residential buildings organised around a distinct green courtyard. The entire development is human scaled and carefully designed as a consistent yet diverse gold coast along the forest.

Client Zarechye Sport LLC on behafe of PIK Group of Companies
Program Area of 21 ha, 70.000 m2 sellable housing area; diverse non-residential programme, inluding retail/services in plinth 3.500 m2, supermarket 1.900 m2, kindergarden 1.530 m2, sportcenter with fitness of 1.000 m2 and swimming pool.
Time 2013 - present
Role  Masterplanner, Architect