Waterland Leidschenveen [NL]

The facilities centre Waterland comprises 5 components; a catholic school and a state primary school, a children’s day-care centre, a temporary educational facility and a section for physical education. These components form an ensemble of ‘autonomy in union’, that is to say, the components function autonomously within their own identity, while at the same time communal use is possible.
The design consists of two linear, curved building volumes whose sides point to the four angular points of the location. Where the two volumes are closest to each other, at the point of contact with the mains trajectory, they are connected by the roof which forms a canopy 6 metres above the central zone.

Client City of Leidschendam
Program 2 primary schools and a children's day-care center, total 6.700 m2
Time 1999 - 2001
Role Architect and supervisor