Waalkwartier Nijmegen [NL]

Waalkwartier is one of six development areas within the redevelopment of Waalfront riverbanks in Nijmegen. Waalkwartier is based on a powerful framework of attractive public spaces. It provides an urban, inclusive and vibrant environment for living, working, socialising and lingering. Diversity of typologies and program are central to the design. Herewith a broad target group is approached and an interesting, mixed community emerges that encounters itself in high-profile buildings and characterful living spaces. The program contains 775 homes, various commercial and cultural facilities and production areas. The main concentration is in and around the industrial Honig complex as a hotspot for the creative industry.

The rich history of the area serves as the basis for an identity-full development. The public spaces create an exciting and diverse network that elaborates on the industrial character. By removing a large part of the Honig factory, a historic connecting road is revealed. This new connection will be the backbone of the Waalkwartier and will have a square on both ends: a water square on the site of the former Roman bath house and a view on the river. A new permanent flood protection for Nijmegen and the hinterland is integrated in the spatial layout of the new Fabriekstraat and the Handelshavenpark located on the banks of the river Waal.

Within this framework of public spaces, Waalkwartier is built up with three sub-areas. Two sub-areas each consist of 3 new blocks with sturdy loft apartments located at attractive urban spaces or around intimate green courtyards and intermediate streets. The buildings will be placed on a built parking facilities. In this way, parked cars are hidden from view and the area is also car-free due to cleverly located accesses. The existing Honig complex forms the third sub area where historic buildings are thoughtfully redeveloped through an alternative process.

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Client Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Waalfront Nijmegen
Program 9 ha urban development for living, working and recreation with 775 dwellings, 10.000 m2 commercial and cultural facilities, 900 parking places
Time 2017 - present
Role Masterplanner