VRT Broadcast Centre Brussels [BE]

The design for the new media building for the Flemish Radio and Television (VRT) is a cultural assignment. It is meant to be a public institute with an inviting architecture and a place for the public to interact with media production. The design concept provides simultaneously for an open and specific building able to accommodate the rapidly evolving media industry.

Atelier VRT represents the urban ambition of the Brussels Media Park. It is composed of four elementary volumes that are stacked on top of each other. Each volume represents a particular type of building, designed in response to a specific part of the program. The different building types are securely stacked on each other to achieve maximum synergy and to create a highly performant ‘super-studio’. The tower acts as the landmark of Atelier VRT. It provides overview and establishes a reference point in the urban context. It houses the more quiet workplaces away from the bustling atelier, which is a large workspace that in its spaciousness creates a maximum of shortcuts and proximity for the workplaces. The compact volume of Atelier VRT reveals high efficiency. The facade matches passive house standard, the energy demand is minimal and is covered by renewable energy sources.

Client Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT)
Program Broadcasting building with 55.000 m2 (studios 4.750m2, lunch space 1000m2, spaces for the public en studios 16.600, depot 7.500m2, offices 19.600m2), parking 29.000 m2
Time 2014 - 2015
Role Architect in cooperation with Office KGDVS
Participating parties Bollinger-Grohmann, 3E, Technum, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Lola Landscape architects