Valley of Life Beylikdüzü Istanbul [TR]

The design consists of a series different valley parks developed within a strong backbone of continuity, an uninterrupted identity and a collection of unique environments and appealing destinations is created.

The old river valley will be the new identity of the city. It will be multi-functional and accommodate a wide variety of functions for future city and therefore comes with a comprehensive development strategy in layers. We envision the valley to be: green, blue, big, lively and divers.

Although linear, the valley will be the central park of a future city. It will be the green heart of the community. A ‘new’ river of life runs through the 7.5 kilometres of valley , allowing a high quality landscape connection between densely build up city centre and beautiful Mediterranean sea.

The valley is transformed into a lush, green and spacious environment: various parks and patches, as well as ponds, basins and water squares are realized. Five different characters have been defined. In one of them - the valley campus - the valley will be a centre in the city, allowing the wider centre to be positioned on both sides of the valley. Water will bring life to the valley. It is stored in a system of wetlands, lakes and ponds, retention parks and build reservoirs. This creates interesting green and blue environments. The valley finds its equivalent in famous examples like Emerald necklace of Boston, the lower Lea Valley in London or the Green River in Valencia.


Client Beylikdüzü Municipality, Istanbul
Program 290 ha regeneration of the valley, including central parks, university campus, seaside resort, residential neighbourhoods
Time 2016
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties Aboutblank, Istanbul
Awards Honorable mention in international competition