Urban Reports

Today’s cities are not only juggling for position in the global context, but also simultaneously attending to local economic, ecological and social needs. They vie with each other to attract investment by global players in the fields of the economy and science – hoping of course to gain jobs and greater opportunities for education.

'Urban Reports' focuses on the way in which mid-sized cities in particular are being affected by these global trends, and it inquires into the consequences, challenges and chances resulting for local urban development. How are these cities dealing with the frictions and potentials arising from local interests and global powers? What aims and scenarios are being depicted for urban space? What types of measures, strategies and partnerships are being chosen to achieve these goals?
Representatives from six European cities - Amsterdam, Bilbao, Copenhagen, Dublin, Zagreb and Zurich - report on their fascinating visions for transforming their cities in the 21st century.

In addition renowned experts discuss present urban trends and potentials of mid-sized cities. The written contributions are supplemented by a comprehensive section presenting representative visualised data, that highlight distinctive aspects of the six cities in comparison.

Publisher gta Verlag, Zurich
Program Book publication on effects of global trends on mid-sized cities
Time 2009
Role Editor (Kees Christiaanse in cooperation with Nicola Schüller and Petra Wollenberg)
Contributors Juan Alvaro Alayo Azcárate, Floris Alkemade, Stig L. Andersson, Franz Eberhard, Angelus Eisinger, Michelle Fagan, Ivica Fanjek, Carl Fingerhuth, Dick Gleeson, Jens Kvorning, Vedran Mimica, Sasa Randic, Javier Salazar Rückauer, Ton Schaap