Trinity Shenyang [CN]

‘Trinity' establishes a new urban district for living, working  and communal facilities. The 70 ha site, around 6 km from Shenyang centre, was a mainly rural territory and occupied with temporary settlements. Towards the North, the area is bounded by the river Hun, towards the South by the third ring road and the adjacent university.

This project for the Trinity site is integrated in an overarching masterplan for the entire left bank of Shenyang, envisioning the development of a 8 km ‘linear city’ parallel with the river. Like Shanghai and Rotterdam, Shenyang ‘jumps’ over the river establishing urban life and multiple centres on both sides of the river. The river Hun will transform from being an edge into a ‘green’ center.

The masterplan is based strategically on the proximity and relation of the area to the river and on being a self-determining village. The plan defines three centers and two landscape axis. It maximises the outward orientation of the commercial and business facilities. Within this main frame, a archipelago of districts, each of which with its own subcentre, are the founding principles of the urban concept.

Client Gemdale, Shenyang
Program 70 ha masterplan for 1.6 mio m2 of which 16.000 residential units, 200.000 m2 commercial and communal facilities
Time 2007 - 2015
Role Masterplanner and architect 
Participating parties GHD Beijing