TIP Nijmegen [NL]

The project ‘Tip Nijmegen’ describes the development of a professional sport and innovation park with about 26.000 m2 sports facilities. Those include the extension of the football stadium, a gym, sports halls for top sports, volleyball, dojo and medical sports, furthermore offices, labs and schools. TIP Nijmegen will become a place where all local professional sport clubs, professional medical sport institutes and educational facilities combine their powers. This enables TIP Nijmegen to offer the best possible medical care, training facilities and technological innovations. Those innovations, developed in cooperation with the businesses related to TIP Nijmegen, will be subsequently applied in recreational sports and medical care.

The ensemble for TIP Nijmegen consists of the renewed stadium and the TIP-carré. The stadium predominately houses program parts which relate directly to the stadium and to the professional football club NEC. The relation of the stadium and TIP-carré is accentuated in the design in two ways: on one hand by the composition of the volumes and the resulting spatial relation; on the other hand by establishing physical connections. The strong inner structure of carré, designed as route around the central patio, offers space for interaction and synergy between all parties and connects all indoor and outdoor programs with each other. It is an inspiring space where everyone profits from each other’s presence.

Client Municipality of Nijmegen
Program 26.000 m2 sports facilities
Time 2009 - 2011
Role Urban planner and architect
Participating parties Arup Amsterdam