The Red Apple Rotterdam [NL]

The Red Apple is a mixed-use development which rises 124 metres skyward at the head of Rotterdam’s Wijnhaven Island, located between the city centre and the river Maas. The Red Apple is a highly varied architectural mass with 231 apartments, shops, restaurants and business spaces. Flanked by water on three sides, the Red Apple enjoys views across the river and the ‘Old Harbour’.

The development consists of two major volumes– a mixed use tower and a partly cantilevering apartment block building. The volumes are connected by a public plinth which anchors the volumes within the existing surroundings. All apartments of the two volumes are diagonally oriented and offer a maximum of transparency via floor-to-ceiling glass and provide extraordinary views. The tower’s loadbearing structure is clad in red aluminum panels, creating bold vertical lines which decrease in width towards the top to support its slender appearance. As such, the distinct red stripes accentuates the Red Apple in Rotterdam’s skyline.

Client Havensteder (formerly PWS) Rotterdam
Program 35.000 m2 of which 231 apartments, 1.500 m2 retail and restaurants, 3.800 m2  offices, 340 parking places
Time 2002 - 2009
Role Architect
Participating parties Jan des Bouvrie (life style concept)