The Grid Overhoeks Amsterdam [NL]

The Overhoeks area along the river IJ in Amsterdam North is being transformed into a varied area for living and working. The development of five building blocks marks the start of the third phase of the development. KCAP is responsible for the design of block A1.

The Grid is a modern translation of the luxury residential hotel from the early 19th century. An all-sided, stacked living world with 68 spacious apartments is situated around an interior courtyard. The building is designed as a stack of terraces and natural stone frames with floor-to-ceiling, wide windows. This results in light apartments with a spatial character. The way of stacking offers the outdoor spaces a lot of privacy. The Grid systematically tapers upwards and ends with in special rooftop. Here penthouse apartments with double-height spaces are situated. This slightly shiny, brass-colored anodised aluminum crown forms a rich contrast with the natural Jura stone in the facade. The plinth has a wider floor height that ensures a stately and attractive embedding in the street profile. The central lobby in the plinth is the heart of the complex and offers a view from the street to the green courtyard. This extra living area can be used by all residents and offers space for informal meeting, a birthday party, reading a book or working on the laptop. The courtyard is a central green space that is open to all residents.


Client OCO (Ontwikkelcombinatie Overhoeks, Amvest), Amsterdam
Program 68 luxury apartments with a variety of housing typologies in a stacked volume with generous outdoor spaces, interior courtyard, 80 underground parking lots and storage
Time 2016 - present
Role Architect