The City As Loft [EU]

‘The City As Loft’ presented the work of KCAP/ASTOC. The exhibition was organised by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), in cooperation with art centre deSingel in Antwerp and KCAP/ASTOC and toured from Antwerp, Berlin, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen, Glasgow, Zurich to Maastricht. ‘The City As Loft’ exhibition emphasises the projects where KCAP/ASTOC worked at the interface of architecture and urban design. The firm’s growing reputation in the Netherlands and abroad is based on the combination of social engineering and design, and on their ability to use that approach to actually realise complicated projects. The firm’s work varies from analysing and managing processes, to ‘stakeholder management’, to social and programmatic research into designing urban ensembles and buildings.

Former docksides, industrial estates and railway areas are the focus of ‘The City As Loft’. Recently, the debate about future developments in European cities has focused to a large extent on the transformation of urban areas. This is precisely the field in which KCAP/ASTOC has produced its most innovative work. Old docksides and railway areas are some of the few innercity locations that are still available for development. In many cities, these sites (known as ‘waiting lands’) may be able to save the concept of urban character and inject it with new meaning.

In developing these waiting lands, KCAP/ASTOC uses differentiated strategies that together can be described with the phrase ‘The City As Loft’. They are based on an attitude of direction and organisation, as well as on a careful analysis of the existing structures in the areas.

Organisation Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), in cooperation with art centre deSingel in Antwerp
Program Monographic exhibition KCAP/ASTOC
Time 2003
Role KCAP/ASTOC concept and design