Textbook Kees Christiaanse

Textbook spans thirty years of KCAP's urban designer and architect Kees Christiaanse's thinking about cities. He is responsible for large urban projects such as Hamburg HafenCity, Rotterdam's waterfront revitalization and London's Olympic Legacy Plan. Christiaanse has been one of the field's most influential forces over the last half-century, building a career of research and teaching in combination with substantial professional practice and advisory roles. The texts range from charting the personal influence of the bicycle on his thinking about future mobility to the examination of dominant concepts and projects in the contemporary built environment. Christiaanse's sketches, personal notebook pages, and watercolours complement this unique collection. 

As a warm up for the presentation of Kees Christiaanse's Textbook on June 27, partners at KCAP give sneak previews of the book that holds thirty years of personal notes on urban design and architecture by Kees. First comes Anouk Kuitenbrouwer, sharing some of the book's content.

Sneak Preview Anouk Kuitenbrouwer

Ute Schneider and Kees Christiaanse have worked together closely for many years. Prior to the presentation of Kees' Textbook on June 27, she reflects on the collection of experiences at KCAP and his involvement in developments on the field of urban planning and architecture in the past thirty years.

Sneak Preview Ute Schneider

In this short video Edward Schuurmans, partner at KCAP, shares his findings on Kees Christiaanse’s Textbook (personal notes on 30 years of urban design and architecture). He focuses on an inspirational footnote, in which Kees states that design should be equally well appreciated by a construction worker as well as by an architect. Or, as Edward puts it, David Bowie’s music liked by ordinary rock fans as well as by sophisticated music experts.

Sneak Preview Edward Schuurmans

Ruurd Gietema and Kees Christiaanse are long time companions as international operating urbanists and share comprehensive visions on urbanism and broad themes that affect the future of the built environment.

Ruurd is the last contributor in this series before the presentation of Kees Christiaanse’s Textbook tonight in Het Nieuwe Instituut. Ruurd pictures himself as ‘farmer Gietema’ in the chapter ‘Living in the artificial landscape’. As it turns out, Ruurd is also quite experienced in bringing baby cows into this world.

Sneak Preview Ruurd Gietema

Publisher NAI010 Publishers
Program Collected Texts On The Built Environment 1990-2018
Time 2018
Role Kees Christiaanse (author), Jessica Bridger (editor)