Tampere Travel and Service Center Tampere [FI]

In coming decades, Tampere city and region will see a dynamic population growth. As its development will accelerate, a major part of this growth will be accommodated in and around the city center of Tampere. The strategic goals of the City Centre projects are the creation of a coherent and compact city structure as well as a vibrant city center. The Travel and Service Center area is one of the strategic locations where this growth will be accommodated, while ensuring the areas future coherence and providing overall connectivity.

The design proposal ‘The Square’ is a vision for both, the short- term and the long-term developments of Tampere’s Travel and Service Center area. It gives a blueprint for the transformation of the area as entrance to the city and establishes a new approach for its development while ensuring the coherent integration in the urban context.

The aim is to create a playful choreography between the current developments in the area and its future identity. Within this choreography, the travel and service center should become a centrality in itself that truly connects city parts that are currently separated. For this highly iconic face of the city, a coherent typology has been developed that is firmly embedded in the grid plan structure while creating a new skyline for Tampere around the railway yard. A building typology that consists of an urban plinth and medium size towers answer best to both demands.

The Travel and Service Center is composed of three buildings and a public space that stretches from the East to the West beneath the railway yard. It accommodates all modes of transport within a protected climate. Two pedestrian passages connect the station square with a new station building and allow easy transfers between all modes. The travel and service center is a meeting place in the broadest sense: a transfer node, a commercial center, an event hall and a business center all in one.

Client The City of Tampere; The Finnish Transport Agency; The VR Group; Senate Properties
Program Urban plan for 100.000 m2 inner-city area comprising the Travel and Service Centre and residential, offices and retail development
Time 2014
Role Urban Planner
Participating parties Trafix Oy (mobility; Ailecon Oy (real estate); Ramboll Finnland Oy (cost estimation); Loci Masiema-Arkkitehdit Oy (landscape design); M5 Arkkitehdit (local architect)