Talentencampus Oss [NL]

Talentencampus Oss and the neighbouring Sibeliuspark is a combined development of two projects. The task requires an integral regional vision with different functional programs and planning schemes. KCAP’s masterplan for a city campus with park, educational buildings, sports facilities and education re-lated businesses and homes defines spatial principles which will continuously be optimized within a process of developing the program and quality. The concept provides for a city campus with an elongated open space as the principal carrier of identity, along which thematic clusters with a mix of different functions are organized and linked with each other. The principle of clustering is continued through to the architectural level with a flexible mix of programs within the buildings. The residential units in Sibeliuspark are clustered as islands in the elevated green.

Oss Talentencampus is a project that establishes new connections between education, sports and busi-ness. A sports ground forms the heart of the area. The program for Talentencampus comprises a total of 37.200 m2 GFA of which 13.400 m2 will be developed for social functions and 23.800 m2 for commercial use. The materialization of the TalententenCampus is characterized by its playful design. The Leerbaan and the central entrance square are designed as a places to stay and executed in a strong graphic brick pattern and high-quality furniture. Brightly coloured orange paths connect the educational institutions with the sports facilities behind them. The so-called ‘Sportplein’ is characterized by colourful designs that also clearly define the possibilities for use.

Client Consortium Park & People (Heijmans vastgoed, Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling, Proper Stok and Brabant Wonen)
Program 36 ha campus and city park with 43.000 m2 GFA education, commercial, leisure and sports facilities, four football fields, eight tennis fields, 260 residential units, 980 parking places
Time 2009 - present
Role Masterplanner, architect, landscape architect
Participating parties Total Identity, Den Haag (concept, branding); IVAM, Amsterdam (research, consultancy on sustainability)