Sungang-Qingshuihe Subunit 01 Shenzhen [CN]

Subunit 01 is selected for the first pilot area to boost the regeneration of Sungang-Qingshuihe. Sungang-Qingshuihe is one of the oldest areas in Shenzhen and subject to intense transformation. It is envisioned to become a new destination – a creative gateway - in Shenzhen city as well as the Shen-Kong region. Subunit 01 will be the first commercial & business zone and comes with the theme of fashion and furniture for the creative programs.

It will become a truly mixed vertical city. It features a metro plaza with a landmark ensemble and a central plaza with a cultural attraction. It will get an underground car access parking network as wide as the site itself. All buildings will have active ground and upper floors with commercial activities, as well as a variety of housing and office towers on top. The roofs of the plinth will become an elevated park. All different complexes will be connected via sky-bridges and the design of the ground floor and public space is maximised as pedestrian area.


Client Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Government
Program Site area ca. 29.6 haGFA area ca. 1,600,000 m2
Time 2012 - 2013
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties  Lay-out Planning Consultants (local design institute)