Stadstuinen Rotterdam [NL]

Stadstuinen is an enclave in Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. It consists of eight urban blocks set around an elongated square. The outer edge is determined by apartment buildings of 7-9 storeys with a plinth of urban functions.

Situated within this is a garden district with mainly ground-accessed dwellings. The corners of the square are marked by urban villas, one of which is the primary school De Pijler. The blocks have been designed by four different architects who produced their schemes while in consultation with each other. The facades are composed of brick in four different shades which have been applied in various mixtures.

The four corner blocks of the enclave have been designed by KCAP. These blocks are characterized by different access principles which accompany the transition from the dwelling to the collective area. For example, the north-south orientated housing blocks have galleries which vary per story from east to west and are supported by the winter gardens of the dwellings situated beneath. All the exterior spaces have been executed as cantilevered, projecting glazed-in balconies.

Client Stadstuinen CV, Rotterdam; Estrade Wonen, Rotterdam; Leyten & Partners, Rotterdam; Woonzorg Nederland, Amstelveen
Program 570 residences with total 70.000 m2 of which 100 units designed by KCAP, sheltered housing, primary school, commercial and parking facilities, outdoor space
Time 1996 - 2002
Role Architect
Participating parties Municipality Rotterdam; DKV architecten, Rotterdam; De Zwarte Hond, Rotterdam; Molenaar & Van Winden Architecten, Delft