Spaansplein Hoofddorp [NL]

The masterplan for Spaansplein has been developed and realised in cooperation with Atelier Quadrat (urban planning) and three architects offices. All architects have designed in one street various building types and one combined retail building with on top housing units and an underground parking garage. The realization of the project has been subdivided into various phases. In phase 1, three urban villas with each 22 and total 66 housing units and rows of one-family-houses with 50 units were built. In the second phase, a retails centre with parking garage and 55 residences was completed. In the third phase the residential building ‘the snake’ with 97 service-apartments and a residential service centre was added.


Client Amvest, Amsterdam
Program Housing street with residences and integrated complex for retail and living incl. underground parking; one-family-houses, service-apartment building with residential service centre
Time 1996 - 2003
Role Architect
Participating Parties Quadrat (urban planning); Uythaak (architecture); Ellerman; Lucas en van Vught (architecture)