Southern Blocks Ekaterinburg [RU]

The triangular shaped transformation area is located in the southeast of the centre of Ekaterinburg and is bordered on both sides by busy streets. The area, which is currently occupied by individual houses, will gradually be transformed into a diverse high-quality living environment with apartment buildings of different heights, mostly in block typology.

A significant transportation hub in the southern tip of the area gave an impulse to create here a coherent landmark with lively mixed program. This new building will play an important role in the new dynamic silhouette along Moskovskaya street. Here begins a promenade, which runs through the whole area towards the local parc in the north. The promenade connects all public spaces of the neighbourhood to one integrated system. The promenade is the most important and unique element of the new development. Together with the recognizable building morphology the promenade gives this particular plot its identity.

Starting at the corner cluster, the promenade continues along a square with urban villas and continues to the central square with a school building, then onwards to the northern square and eventually leading to the park. This triangular park with villas in the centre of the new district will become a quiet green oasis in the whirlpool of active urban life. Educational buildings with their corresponding large plots, are located in such a way that they do not disturb the internal connections and cross-fertilisation in the area.




Client Brusnika
Program 21 ha masterplan with 380.000 m2 GFA residential development, retail and amenities
Time 2015 - present
Role Urban designer
Participating parties DROM, Rotterdam (architects first phase)