South of Olympic Park Beijing [CN]

The Southern edge of the 'Olympic Park' in Beijing will be developed into a new city quarter. Together with its local design partner, the Beijing Institute for Architectural Design (BIAD), KCAP proposed a large scale development which is embedded in the urban context of the city and connects the site to the emerging transport nodes along the newly built metro line. This project is a key contribution to activating a former Olympic Area.

On a total of 50 hectare the new quarter will house a variety of functions ranging from mainly residential and office spaces to retail and other commercial functions, two public transport hubs with bus interchange and metro station, and a series of hotels as well as cultural and community facilities. The proposed urban layout respects Chinese traditions of spatial organisation and translates them into the larger scale of the development. The result is a highly flexible and adaptable plan which will be further developed in the coming years.

The heart of the scheme is formed by a large scale urban park acting as a bridge building with commercial functions in an east west direction below a large landscaped roof. It bridges a tunnel which will connect to an important North-South axis of the urban grid of Beijing. The landscaped heart of the plan intermediates between all parts of the site and forms the central element of the scheme.

Client Municipality of Beijing
Program 50 ha masterplan for 1.440.000 m2 residential and office facilities, two public transport hubs, hotels, cultural and community facilities
Time 2009 - 2012
Urban planner in cooperation with Beijing Institute for Architectural Design (BIAD)