South Bank Krasnoyarsk [RU]

‘South Bank’ in Krasnoyarsk is a 60 ha site along the southern bank of the Yenisei River. As former ship building yard, the site is located in the traditionally industrial part of town, in close proximity to the bridge leading to the historic city center.

In response to the growing demand for residences a masterplan with high density housing for the middle and higher market segment was envisioned. Next to the challenges associated with the harsh Siberian climate, the project proposes a radical solution: 6 to 8 story apartment buildings organized in clusters and focused around distinct public spaces. The urban blocks and streets are designed according to an internal hierarchy ranging from the most prestigious ‘high street’ location to regular good quality residential streets. Public spaces and the central green zone, together with the embankment, are designed to give a strong sense of place and identity to the new development.

The project incorporates two public schools and kindergartens, ground floor retail and office spaces as well as parking for guests and residents. Services such as local doctor’s offices, dry-cleaners and a local supermarket are included.

Client SM.CITY, Krasnoyarsk
Program 630.000 m2 residential, 85.000 m2 non-residential on former industrial area of 60 ha
Time 2010
Role Masterplanner