Sibeliuspark Oss [NL]

The outdated Sibeliuspark in Oss is being transformed into an inviting, lively and diverse city park. The 25 ha park invites to do sports, garden, recreate and relax. Various housing projects in and around the park are an integral part of the plan.

Inspired by the local landscape, Sibelius Park is being restructured with a spatial framework consisting of a network of paths, trees and various plants. The framework provides unity, increases legibility and position of the park. A ‘ribbon’ connects the park with the Talentencampus and the TOP Oss stadium. The facilities in the park are located on the park ribbon in which meeting takes place and the feeling of safety is enhanced. Within the themes of sport, nature and food, a diverse park program is created that adds to the current facilities in Oss.

Two crucial empty fields form the green heart of the park can be used for kite flying a kite, a picnic or a festival. The northern field contains the central park square, where there is room for a market, a sports tournament or concert. The hill overlooks the square and the park. A swing on the highest point provides nice views over the park. In the southern part, the water square on the enlarged pond is the central location. Fountains, a water pump, grass banks and a meandering platform make this a lively, sunny destination on the water.


Client Consortium Park & People (Heijmans vastgoed, Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling, Proper Stok and Brabant Wonen), Municipality of Oss
Program 25 ha multifunctional city park with multiple sport facilities, community gardens, water retention and housing
Time 2017 - present
Role Landscape architect