Seebühne Training Centre Würth Rorschach [CH]

Würth international a successful global brand in the field of fastening and assembly materials as well as solar cell technology, launched a competition for a new headquarter including a conference and trainee center plus additional offices. Würth is famous to offer together with work spaces, also space for art and culture that has to be integrated in the design.

The building is situated in a rich park and leisure landscape, at the lake Constance next to the main train station of Rorschach. The basic idea for the building consists of an ensemble of 3 blocks- one standing, one floating and one lying, containing in the standing frame the public related program, the flying one the headquarter and in the ground based volume the planned future extension of office spaces. The big and open window frame of the conference- and trainee center works as a stage facing the lake for public and corporate events, art exhibitions and company products. The big auditorium is hanging as a bridge construction above it. The public space is characterized by long altering and flowing paths in the park, playing around seating elements that ‘drop out’ of the new square. The new station square framed by the station building and the new headquarter and opens towards the lakeside park offering a wide view over the lake.

Client Würth International AG
Program Headquarter, conference and training centre (18.000 m2 1st phase and 300.000 m2 2nd phase) and 400 underground parking places
Time 2009
Role Architect
Participating parties Amstein Walthert (Building technology), Prof. dr. Leibundgut, WGG Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieur AG (structural engineering), Stefan Bänziger, Philipp Schaerer (visualisation)