Seaside International Community Yantai [CN]

The site of the ‘Seaside International Community’ is situated between two different development zones. To the North it is the seaside, as urban and economic zone, and to the South the hilly hinterland evolves, as emerging eco green zone. The design provides for a strategy to link and intertwine with these zones.

The masterplan envisions a well-defined urban heart in the flat parts of the site linked with an urban outpost on the hills. The heart is characterized by water, green streets and plazas and offers an engaging pedestrian environment. Expressive gateways position the development in the regional context, and the site blends together into a refined and unique urban framework. The heart is surrounded by a variety of landscape inspired neighborhoods in the flatlands. The hilly part will be carefully inhabited by small-scale groups of villa’s and townhouses. The plan offers a powerful concept for a new beginning while at the same time being well based on the existing qualities of the site. Sustainability is integrated through sensible and value-focused principles.

GEMDALE BEIJING - Yantai Jinxiang Tai Real Estate Co., Ltd.
228 ha sustainable masterplan for 1.800.000 m2 residential use, 105.000 m2 education, 137.000 m2 commercial/business facilities and 20.000 m2 for municipal/government facilities