Science Park Amsterdam [NL]

Science Park Amsterdam is a new type of knowledge centre in Watergraafsmeer, a largely residential district on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The existing accommodation of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and ASP (formerly Amsterdam Science Park), an organization for start-up businesses, are to be supplemented with additional faculty accommodation, research institutions, other university facilities and housing. The historical polder layout provides a straight forward template for this expansion, with flexibility for variation and future developments. In contrast to the traditional campus image of solitary buildings set in the midst of greenery, Science Park Amsterdam is organized as a network. A system of semi-public meeting places in and between the buildings is interconnected by a public web that extends across the whole area.


Client UvA University of Amsterdam, NWO Netherlands Organisation for Scientific, Research, dRO City Planning Department, Municipality of Amsterdam
Program 54 ha masterplan for a new science park with a mixed program of which: 100.000 m2 of education facilities, 320.000 m2 of office space, conference facilities and 660 residences; design of NS train station
Time 2001 - present
Role Masterplanner in cooperation with karres+brands, supervisior urban planning and architect train station