Science City ETH Zurich [CH]

‘Science City’ is the development vision for the university campus of the 21st century for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The campus is required to act as an interface between scholarship and society, to offer a place for business, economics, politics and scholarship to interact. The campus’ boundaries and the landscape qualities of the Hönggerberg will be retained and the existing campus, by contrast, will be transformed internally and condensed into a multifaceted urban area to increase its capacity. Besides new research and teaching buildings, there will be housing for students and staff, accommodation for guests, sports facilities, child-care facilities, shops and food outlets. The plan also includes a new conference centre, a library and spaces for meetings and exhibitions. All these facilities are intended for a broader public than the university community alone. In addition, the campus will provide accommodation for business start-ups and established enterprises.

Within a labyrinthine system of buildings which guide the outside space lies a fabric of paths, squares, winter gardens and green rooms.  This connective tissue binds together the internal and external spaces creating an endless series of options for communication and discussion, therefor forming a tissue for movement and communication in Science City.  This network develops itself further on a city level through the optimization of transport connections to the city of Zurich and to other schools and university facilities.  As such, the network extends from Science City to the City of Science.

Client ETH Immobilien, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Program 32 ha masterplan with 450.000 m3 for education and research, congress centre, library, commercial facilities,  housing and leisure as extension of the campus capacity
Time 2005 - present
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties Metron Raumentwicklung AG, Brugg (coordinating office)